Thursday, September 4, 2014

Get the truth: Real-Life Stitch Fix Review

Take the short quiz at the end to see if Stitch Fix is right for you!

Years of college didn't do much for my style, and now that I've transitioned into an upscale office environment, I am forever grateful for Stitch Fix.

They actually listened to me yabber on about my needs,
"I like colors that have bright undertones instead of dark undertones. I have short curly hair so my hairstyle is on the edgy side. I like to dress feminine and sophisticated- my pinterest board tells all! Thank you :)"
And they continually amaze me with what they send. It's so right on, again and again that I always must buy something.

But the truth is, Stitch Fix isn't for everyone. Not only does it cater to smaller sizes, (click here check out a great plus-size alternative to Stitch Fix) it puts you in the hands of someone who is totally going off what you say about yourself. This means, if you're not at least semi-clear about your personal style, Stitch Fix might not be right for you.

Thankfully, they ask a LOT of questions, starting from your age, giving you some visual cues, and going all the way to what patterns you like to avoid. Overall, they are the absolute best I have seen at style profiling.

Here is the inside scoop.

My first fix contained the following:
My first Fix
I felt they had heard me out on the colors that I like- but I don't think the patterned tops (Carolyn Floral and Koma Tribal Tank) were a good match for a petite woman like me. The Carolyn was way too long to be a top, too short to be a dress (awkward!) and the Koma was made of a fabric that really couldn't be dressed up enough for work. The Nada Pencil Skirt threw me off- way too see-through and really- who wears white skirts?

However, the Doreen French Terry Blazer and the Lyla Striped Cardigan were both big hits for me.

The stylist's choice of the Doreen definitely showed she had taken a good look at my Pinterest.

It's now a part of my regular wardrobe and I like pairing it against black. I especially like the way it looks with bright pink nails.

The looks my stylist suggested were nice, but I think the blue on green would be too much color for me, and the striped dress would be too fancy for work.

The blazer was so "me" that it inspired a whirlwind of selfies- I love that boost of confidence from a new piece of clothing you love!

Me in one of the beautiful alcoves where I work - wearing my Stitch Fix blazer!

Stitch Fix Styling Tip:

My work environment is challenging to dress for because although it's a Victorian castle, my position at work is web/online. Sometimes its tricky dressing to fit in with my surroundings but also look the part. To that end, if you're using Stitch Fix to expand your work wardrobe, then definitely give them some details on what kind of environment it is and what your position is. It isn't enough to say, "I work in a cubicle" or "I need to dress for an office environment" or "I work in marketing". You have the opportunity to guide them so why not be specific?

So friends- that's it. My first big Stitch Fix review. Here are my main takeaways in a quiz format to help you make your final choice.

Is Stitch Fix Right For You?

Consider the following before getting Stitch Fix. If you answer YES to two or more of these, then Stitch Fix is totally right for you!
  1. Do you have a semi-developed style? i.e. you generally know what colors and patterns look best on you... You could look at a top and say "yuck!" knowing it would look bad before even trying it on.
  2. Are you a size 10 or under? (If not, I highly recommend you consider this alternative!)
  3. You have a specific "hole" in your wardrobe you're trying to fill- like a special event, or work clothes like me. Stitch Fix makes it easy to time shipments so you can get something right before a big event.
  4. You are open and willing to share your needs and tastes. Some people don't really like the idea of sharing their Pinterest board with a stranger. But Stitch Fix thrives on knowing what you like and matching up a look to your tastes, so Pinterest is their perfect partner in crime.
Did you answer "Yes" to at least 2 of the 4 quiz questions? Then...

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Adore Me Review: A True and Co for Larger Sizes

We've all been seeing amazing ads for True and Co and loving their concept. I'm a huge True and Co fan myself and have done a couple reviews with promo codes. However, they only serve up to cup size C.

But now, for better endowed ladies, there is a great option I want to introduce you to if you're up to a size G cup. (And yes, this one still serves smaller sizes too!)

Adore Me creates a  personalized showroom of great bras and ships them to you no strings attached. If you choose to buy, your first set will only cost $25!

That, my friends, is an AMAZING deal.

I am loving everything about it. The beautiful boxes, the selection, and the curated showroom.

You get the box from $39.95, (your first box is only $25 through this link) every 6th boxed set is 100% free.You don’t need to shop every month, all you need to do is visit your showroom before the fifth and either shop or skip.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rent the Runway Unlimited Coupon

It's a good day when all forces converge to make your closet totally runway worthy. It's time to embrace it!

Rent the Runway has answered my fashion prayers with the release of their Rent the Runway Unlimited program- it's an upscale clothing rental service that sends you 3 items in a box and lets you swap them out over and over.

Get $20 off through my exclusive link: Rent the Runway Unlimited Coupon 

I found out about Rent the Runway Unlimited through their recent Facebook Ad:

This may be Rent The Runway's response to the visible growing popularity of box clothing rental sites Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee, which I've written about in past blog posts.

I think Rent The Runway may need to add more items per box, but I'm trying it out and look forward to giving you my full Rent The Runway Unlimited review soon!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Le Tote Promo Code

Get 50% off your first month Scroll on down!  Here to share the good news, I have scored a Le Tote coupon code for you, and I can't wait to share it.

I have been seriously in LOVE with Le Tote- it has done so much for my personal style over the past few months and I'm a bit addicted. I think you will be too!

SIGN UP FOR LE TOTE thru this link to show some love, 

HURRY! Promo code FACEBOOK50 gets you 50% off - about $25! Expires Sunday Sept. 28
USE PROMO CODE TWICETHESTYLE for $20 off! - Yes, that gets you $20 off your Le Tote box!
If both above expired, try FB10 for $10 off

They are pushing the some promos through their recent Facebook ads:

I'm not sure how long the promotion will last but I've been seeing this ad for the past few days or so.


And if you're curious if Le Tote is worth it, see my recent blog post where I totally dish: Is Le Tote Worth It


Fab Fit Fun Box

Wowwiee - It's Birchbox on steroids! I just saw a Facebook ad for a new-ish box service called Fab Fit Fun and am considering trying it out, but will probably have to choose between this and Le Tote / Stitch Fix which I've become pretty attached to! (see my post about Le Tote and Stitch Fix here)

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription this month after receiving too many pitifully small product samples. I just remember saying to myself, "I could walk around the cosmetics section of my local Macy's and get better samples than this!" 

FabFitFun Promo Code:
USE PROMO CODE FALL5 for $5 off!

So, I found Fab Fit Fun through a Facebook ad, and although significantly more expensive, I think this could be the answer to the lame-jane smallies issue that had me fed up with Birchbox.

Instead of samples, you get big, beautiful full size items with a value of over $200, for less than half the price- sounds pretty luxe to me.

Take a look at the variety I found just from a simple Google search:

Fab Fit Fun has dubbed itself the "Queen Bee of Subscription Boxes"

What do you think?

Check out Fab Fit Fun

Thursday, August 7, 2014

True and Co Review and Promo Codes

$15 off coupon codes! True&Co made me a big promise when I went to their site... to match me with the perfect bra for free! They did it, and I do so many of these box things I'm about to send you on a promo-code spree for the best possible savings.

I wear a lot of business semi-formal clothes and I pretty much wore the same bra every day and hated that. When I went with True&Co, I was very pleased with the selection of bras for my unusual 32C size. They give you 5 free bras a try with no strings attached. It was so much nicer to try on in the privacy of my own home. Aside from great True and Co promo codes, There are a few things I need to share with you before you try True&Co for yourself!

See the items in bold for promos you can stack up! I know it gets confusing so at the end I've done a step by step for you so that you can get all the discounts. Hurry because promo codes can go bad!

So, without further ado and as always, here are my 3 best tips for using True&Co

1) You can get $15 PROMO off your first purchase thru my True&Co link - something I wish I had when I signed up!

2) Be careful with the "free extras" they offer you in the last round. I accidentally plopped two items into my bag that are "final sale" and therefore non-refundable. Expensive mistake!

3) It's comforting to answer their survey, but don't expect miraculous results. You may find yourself needing to order multiple boxes until you find the perfect bra. But it's free to try, and the $15 Promo you get through my link will be there for you when you DO find the right one. I found one I loved (pictured) on the very first try.

I told you I'd help you stack some discounts on True&Co so here's what I've got.


  •  Sign up for True&Co for $15 credit THRU THIS LINK
  • FREE BIRCHBOX MERCH Then sign up for Birchbox THRU THIS LINK with PROMO CODE BBTRUE100 for 100 points which equals an instant $10 store credit just for being a True & Co customer
  • FREE TRUE&CO BRA: Make sure to hashtag TrueBoxLove ( #trueboxlove ) because if you're their favorite pic of the month you get a free bra.
  • FREE TRUE&CO PANTY: After you receive your first box - Share a pic of your box to Twitter: @trueandcompany and/or their facebook page and message them to score!
  • TRUE AND CO CREDIT: When you're ready to buy even more lovely lingerie, don't forget to get.. $20 off $150 with PROMO CODE 20OFF150. $40 off $200 with PROMO CODE 40OFF200

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is LeTote Worth It? Ask yourself these 3 questions...

Not long after I shared about my experience with the women's clothing rental service Le Tote, I noticed there is a little backlash on the price out there. Sure, dropping 50 isn't something most of us do without a little research! Now that I've had a good length of experience as their customer, I am happy to share the "Real Deal". Here are my thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly about Le Tote!

If you read and think Le Tote is right for you, please sign up here!


For the one monthly price, I was able to comfortably receive and enjoy 4 total shipments, so that works out to 12 clothing items and 8 pieces of jewelry. (Each box contains 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry).

All the items could be mixed and matched. By using these as supplements to the clothes I already have, each box gave me 3 great outfits, which basically gets a girl through the week.

There was one shipment I didn't like. In one particular box I received, one of the necklaces was just way too over sized (unfortunately their pic didn't give a sense of scale), and for some reason they sent me all black clothing items despite the many colorful things I had placed a heart on. So, brace yourself you might get a few disappointments. But everything always fit, and was worth at least testing out.

If you fall in love with something, you have a $10 purchase credit- which is as of yet unused on my part. But I can always go back and buy things since they are still available online to buy, so I was hanging onto it.
 Is Le Tote WORTH IT? Ask yourself these three questions.

1. LeTote is a designer clothing rental service. Will you be all dressed up with no place to go?

I am signed up for LeTote because I'm a young professional with a small work wardrobe, who can't really afford to expand it quickly enough. LeTote has an amazing selection of chic work-appropriate attire for women in my 20-something age group. My workplace is not entirely formal, and because I work in marketing I am able to be a little creative. In short, it is the perfect fit for my lifestyle and daily needs. 

2. Is your style set in stone, or are you willing to try new things?

I would say my style is about midway developed. I don't need total hand-holding but I lack a full core office wardrobe, and can't afford to make big purchase mistakes. LeTote allows me to try new things with no worries. I can experiment, if it's not wonderful I can shrug it off and send it back. LeTote is perfect for someone at my stage.
My home-run box: I LOVED everything here from LeTote!

If your style isn't developed, I highly recommend Stitch Fix for you as a cheaper way to experiment with clothes, however it isn't a rental service. It's a wonderfully styled box of items just for you based on your Pinterest account or the profile you set up, and you can use the "styling fee" toward anything in the box you want to buy. They even pair outfits on cute little cards for you. Seriously!

If your style is fully developed, I think LeTote might not be for you. If you know exactly what you like, you could be using that money toward... getting exactly what you like!

3. What is your discretionary income?

This one seems obvious but honestly ask yourself. Do you have $50 per month to spend on something fun for you? That's about $12 per week. Can you do that comfortably on a whim? If not, a service like this isn't right for you at this moment! You could probably afford their jewelry only option though, which is cheaper.

If you've answered the above questions and feel like LeTote is right for you, then please accept my invitation! I'm happy to have helped and am glad to have you in on this awesome little secret of a service: Get LeTote Now! 

Keep looking good- and good luck!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

TrunkClub for Women: The Best 3 Options in 2014

As a young professional, it is a big challenge to transition a college closet to a legitimate business woman's wardrobe. But there are a few services out there making it easier, cheaper, and faster for us each to develop a personal style that is both on-trend and tailored.

Thanks to the the internet, great options are popping up for anyone willing to spend between $20 - $50 per month! Trunk Club is an excellent free "try before you buy" service for men, but the netflix of clothing for women or rent the runway for regular clothes is definitely out there. Here are the best two options!

I also have a few money saving LeTote promo codes, Stitch Fix promo codes, and Gwynnie Bee promo codes that I will be sharing as the months go by, and plenty of great tips to share!


LeTote literally makes your Pinterest dreams come true! "Heart" items in their store room, and they do their best to send them to you in an outfit format sized just for you. The price of $49.95 per month gets you 5 high-end designer clothing items per box with an unlimited boxes monthly subscription. With LeTote, it's 100% guilt free- you're actually encouraged to wear the clothes, and they do all the washing for you. There is also an option to buy what you love most. They have a cheaper jewelry option as well. One other thing I love about it is that when it's on it's way, you can get a sneak peek at what you're getting online in a personalized online store.

Stitch Fix 

Complete a style survey and dish about your style woes, because whatever it is- Stitch Fix is here to solve it. Your $20 "stylist fee" gets applied to your order if you choose to buy, and that's it! I love Stitch Fix if there's something missing in your wardrobe or you want to be styled for a special occasion. And yes, they refer to your Pinterest board when piecing together your style options... glory glory alleluia!

I wish you success on your personal style journey. Enjoy the experience! If you find any others or have tried one of the above please let me know!

Gwynnie Bee - (plus sized women only)  

Ok, so I just got Gwynnie Bee for my mom, who is transitioning back into the workplace, and her old workplace wardrobe has unfortunately become a little dated. I happen to know her shirt size and that's really all I had to fill out. Actually, the discovery of Gwynnie Bee is what set me on this road to finding a great styling service.

I hope this post has served you and I look forward to sharing more about my experiences with these companies. Please, if you hear about any others or have tried one of the above, comment below with your insight!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gwynnie Bee for smaller sizes: The 3 best alternatives!

Love Gwynnie Bee's concept for "netflix for clothing" or "rent the runway for casual clothes"... but are smaller than size a 10? Here are the best options for smaller sized and regular sized women like you and I.

I recently saw a great ad for a new company that is basically netflix for women's clothes. What an awesome concept! I was so interested and ready to sign up but unfortunately, my size is too small- Gwynnie Bee is only for sizes 10+. So I found a couple of Gwynnie Bee alternatives for us smaller sized ladies. Here's what I've found so far. Happy to share with the world!


Necklace and top from Le Tote!
I personally think LeTote is amazing and is a closer equivalent to Gwynnie Bee than anything else out there. I wish I had found it sooner... unlimited boxes per month, each containing 5 high end clothing items that you are encouraged to wear, they do the cleaning. I love their beautifully done website. Plus, they have a jewelry-only option as well which I love.

I received my first LeTote box recently and am totally in love. I got a few basic seeming pieces but when I went to work I got more compliments on my style than I ever have before. There is something about higher end items that is a subtle indicator of truly great style. The feeling is so worth it!


Stitch Fix

This is the cheapest of the three, and great for those of us who prefer even more help selecting items for a specific event or to address a general wardrobe need.

My "style fix" from Stitch Fix!
Ah, Stitch Fix - it's great for that personal touch- You pay $20 for a "styling fee" which can then be applied to your order, but you're generally dissuaded from actually wearing items as rentals. I got lots of great stuff in the box and tried them all on, but only chose one to keep. I felt like a million bucks in this great blazer (see pic to the left) and kept it at $78- definitely a splurge for me. 


I really think Stitch Fix and LeTote are two great alternatives.

PS: Don't you love it? These websites are actually asking for our Pinterest pages to influence what they send us. Finally my hours of pinning chic women's business wear on my pinterest women's office outfits page is paying off!

Rent the Runway Unlimited

Warning: This is the most expensive option of the three.

For a long time I wondered when Rent the Runway (well known for its designer dresses) would get in the everyday wear game. Well they finally have. It's very pricey (Over $70/mo) and you only get 3 pieces per box, but if you can afford it well then by all means! I can get you a discount through my link, getting you $20 off! Click here!

As a young professional I'm looking to stay trendy and build my wardrobe without breaking the bank. These options (alone or combined) seem like a great way.

Friday, December 27, 2013

GaryVee smiled at me! A rhyme and a call to discussion.

I'm newly active on Twitter and got a kick today realizing how easy it is to connect with thinkers you admire there. I thought I'd share this screenshot for posterity.

It's true- I'm reading through Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World and am looking forward to sharing insights gained here in my public journal.

LinkedIn isn't safe from my public requests for their input- I'm looking forward to getting into as many discussions about this as possible. I'm happy to discuss it here too- and drag any useful quotes from LinkedIn onto this forum as well.

Talk soon!